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MISTRESS VIOLET THE MANCHESTER MISTRESSManchester Mistress, Mistress Violet is Perfectly proportioned and petite at 5’4. I am utterly desirable, beautiful and feminine with long black hair. I am more than capable of making you succumb to my demands. My sheer presence intoxicates. You would be a fool to be deceived by my young appearance.

Make sure you view all of the pictures of your perfect Manchester Mistress in the gallery so you are familiar with the vision of beauty that you will kneel before

My vivid blue eyes will lure you in, enchant you and make you obey me. I am cruel concise and demanding by nature. I am unique. You will learn the error of your ways. My mind will seek out your weaknesses and punish you for them. I am your mistress and I will enjoy inflicting pain on you.

You will have no choice but to give in to my dominance, my presence, power and strength will surprise you every time. My wicked mind, full of never ending new ideas and new ways to torture, humiliate and degrade you. With the face of an elegant angel and the mind of a cruel dominant woman.

As I look over you on your knees, you will tremble, fear for what is going to happen to you next, yet longing for my attention. You will do whatever is necessary to please and entertain Me, afterall that is what you are here for.

My session page will give you food for thought of the things this Manchester Mistress might inflict on your worthless body for my amusement.

Mistress Violet deserves the best from you, share your darkest desires and serve me well and I will make your dreams a reality.

Curios novices, show me potential, display stamina and show me that you can endure my lessons. I will train you and you will reach your maximum potential and fulfil your ultimate perverted fetish.

I will bring you pain and play with your mind. My high heels are there to be worshiped as am I. A powerful dominant woman demanding your respect and obedience.

Mistress Violet The Ultimate Manchester Mistress in the UK
Tel : 07876 235 506

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